Turn your shed into a getaway

How to create another home in your backyard

The weather may be disheartening but transforming your shed into your own little getaway isn’t. Just visualise it, beautiful views of your garden, tucked away in a nice, cosy room away from your loud family or talkative mother. Even if your garden isn’t in tip top shape, you can still make this work.

Some of you may need your sheds for storage, don’t be discouraged. You can either partition your shed or consider getting another shed if you have a big garden.

Here are some images of beautiful sheds I came across.

You can find more here.

You may want to start by tending to your garden. For the ultimate getaway, you could build your own shed from scratch (or hire someone) to suit your needs. Whatever your wants are, this is your chance to get creative want a nice warm cabin like shed, a library, a man cave, a ‘she shed’ as they call it?

The Poplar Wood Garden House


Here’s my favourite idea.




My advice is whatever you choose to do, keep it simple and be practical. For example, depending on the material used for the shed, the use of wallpaper wouldn’t be advised. Also, if the shed isn’t watertight and air tight, the wallpaper will be damaged.

Lastly and most importantly, if you are building your shed from scratch or making significant changes to your  existing shed, ensure you consult an architect or local planning authority, as planning permission may be required.

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Still searching for tranquility…


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