Dish out the plates

How to add a splash of colour to your home with plates

I have a bizarre obsession with plates, especially pastel coloured ones. One of my favourite things to spot is a colour blocked display of pastel coloured plates.



If I had you over for dinner at my house, you’ll probably find these plates by Fiesta Dinnerware displayed on a shelf in my living room or set up on the dining table with the white one out of sight. I would stack the first 3 together, the 2 lime green plates and the yellow plate in another pile, the light orange, the red and the purple plates in another pile —you get my drift.

Plates aren’t only meant for food, they are meant to be gazed upon and recognised as the beautiful sculpture that they are. They are not to be hidden and tucked away, but to be displayed. I’m not ranting on about boring old plates —you can invest in expensive China or other fancy (rather affordable) plates. Look at these beauties

Oyster like plates. Images from
Metalic pastel plates. Images from


Ankara printed plates. Images from























































Using plates to add beauty and character to a space is common practice, so if your are in search for inspiration, you can browse through the internet and I’m sure you’ll find some, but here are a few ideas and some of my own tips.

These are wall hung displays. You can find detailed instructions on how to hang plates on a wall  here.


I’m particularly more fond of displaying plates on shelves or display units. This can be achieved in your kitchen, dinning room or living room.

These ideas are perfect for your kitchen. Generally, plates come in sets so you may not be able to display the complete set. Simply keep the rest in a cabinet.


Image from Ikea

You can place the display unit in front of a feature wall for some extra fun. You also need to decide whether to just display plates, bowls and other ceramics or if you would like to play around with other accessories.




Image from Ikea

For a more industrial and rustic look, you can opt for a black metal unit, add some plants, and voila!

Image from Ikea





















Some of you may be thinking that this isn’t child friendly. Yes, you are right. But if you are like me and have a bizarre obsession with plates, then go for a wall hanging unit where the kids can’t get to. I would probably dedicate the whole width of the wall to this and place the units next to each other in order to be satisfied.

I went interior shopping recently and with yellow being my favourite colour, I had to take a picture of this. Generally, this is how I would do it. A huge display unit that covers up the whole wall. Apart from plates, find other accessories to display, portraits, vases, wine glasses, clocks, flowers, candles etc. Play around until you get the look you want.

Image taken by the founder of homeiswherethehearttis


It may seem like I have a preference for metal units —you can get some wooden units like this from places like Ikea.

Don’t forget to place your plates on a wall…



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