Make me beautiful

How to make your small garden feel bigger

Spring is here, so get your garden forks out to play!

No matter how small your garden is, you can create a little beauty out of it. It’s all about planning. Think more paving, less planting.

small garden
A functional garden decorated with flower pots of various shapes and sizes. Owners can decide to have breakfast or lunch out here on a nice sunny day.

I would look at a small garden in a similar way to a roof terrace. You don’t necessarily need a lawn, instead you can have a green wall. Small gardens are best done by professionals but I am here to help you do it yourself if you want a bit of a challenge.











Before doing anything, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Decide whether you want a functional garden or simply something appealing to look at. Would you like a lawn, paving, decking, or all of the above?

You may not have room for the jacuzzi but you can surely play around with materials

Now the fun part; start with the paving or decking first before you begin planting. Instead of a lawn, you can consider green walls, shrubs, hedges, flower pots and pockets of grass. You can also include features like garden spheres and gabions for more excitement.


Throw in some garden lights to set the tone, add lightweight but exciting garden furniture like this pod chair, and voila!

garden furniture

Continue scrolling for more inspirations and tips.


Go ahead, make it beautiful…

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