Winter is coming

How to create the perfect British Interior


Forgive the Game of Thrones reference, but winter is truly coming.

When I think of winter, I naturally picture traditional British interiors. I always relate them to warmth and cosiness.


How warm does this look?

I happen to love British interiors so I want to show you how to bring the warmth into your modern home. There so many eras to consider, so you are more than welcome to juxtapose eras and even gain inspiration from other cultures.

Personally, I like to mix modern and antique to create an eclectic feel.

One thing I must emphasise is the fact that traditional British furniture tend to be chunky, so if you have a small space, look for pieces that embody the ‘traditional’ look but are not so chunky.

1. The Chesterfield

Firstly, consider a chesterfield sofa. I would opt for fabric due to personal preference, but if you have kids then stay away from fabric sofas. DO. NOT. THINK. ABOUT. IT.


2. Patterns

Patterns are concomitant to British Interiors. Tartan, floral and paisley patterns are usually associated with British culture. Simultaneously, these are a few of my favourite things.

A. Tartan

Depending on the colour, this is really good to add elegance to the space.


You can pick this beauty up from M&S


B. Floral

Floral patterns can either brighten up the space or add elegance to the space, depending on the pattern and colour.



Here are some pieces you can purchase from John Lewis and Liberty London

























































C. Paisley

Similar to floral patterns, Paisley patterns will brighten up the space.














You can pick this beauty up from Liberty London
















These patterns can all be used to explore different themes and is a matter of personal preference. You can also choose to use these patterns on your walls.


3. Paintings

You can’t have a British Interior without a painting, so choose carefully. This will add ambience to the space.


Here are some mood boards I created (I like my mood boards to look somewhat realistic) based on British Interiors.



Lastly, don’t forget your fireplace…


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