Decorating on a budget?

The Bathroom Edition: Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor and Inspiration

Following our Instagram poll results, we gathered that some of you are redecorating on a budget and have no clue where to begin. And as always, we are here to help. We decided to create a series to help you on your search for budget friendly interior buys. This edition will focus on achieving a shabby chic bathroom.


One thing to note is that decorating your home on a budget doesn’t always equate cheap. The key to decorating on a budget is figuring out what items you can’t compromise on quality, like cabinets, sinks, shower fittings etc (in the context of a bathroom makeover). Do remember that inexpensive fittings and furniture are not always the best option. In some cases, the quality has to come before the price – if you go cheap, you’ll have to buy it twice over.  


Below, we have created mood boards demonstrating budget friendly home decor ideas to provide you with some bathroom inspiration and included direct links to the featured products. We’d love to see how you’d style these, so do send us your pictures of your new shabby chic bathroom!


Before we get into the products, here are some quick tips to bear in mind when creating your new look.

bathroom wallpaper

1. Bathroom wallpaper

Generally, papering your bathroom wall is cheaper than tiling. Don’t be alarmed, you can certainly use wallpaper in your bathroom (a water-resistant one is most ideal), all you have to do is avoid placing it where water can get to it. Also ensure you have an efficient bathroom extractor fan in there to get rid of moisture. 

vanity lighting

2. Light fixtures

Lighting is an essential feature in your bathroom. Bad quality lighting is always a disaster and will thwart those selfie sessions and make-up/singing/dancing routines.  

The key to having great bathroom lighting is ensuring that the light bulb is not shaded or covered. You should also think about installing vanity lights and some spot lights in the ceiling.


3. Custom built vanity units & storage

Custom built bathroom vanity units are more expensive that store bought ones. If you come across a bathroom cabinet or vanity unit that tickles your fancy but with handles that don’t match the aesthetics in your bathroom, you can always change them! Always check this feasible before you purchase!!

Another tip to note, storage units, shelves and cabinets tend to be multifunctional, so do not let the name or description of a product deter you. Just because it’s described as a bookshelf doesn’t mean it cannot be utilised it in the bathroom. 

That’s all the bathroom decorating tips for now, if you think of anything else, you’re welcome to leave them in the comments. Also let us know what you think of the mood boards. 


Mood Boards 

wayfair wallpaper in bathroom

1 Rose gold mirror from Oliver Bonas: £58

2 Statement bathroom wallpaper from Wayfair: £33.99 per roll

3 Bathroom cabinet from Victorian Plumbing: £299.95

4 Book case from Wayfair : £67.99

5 Soap dish from Amara Living: £16

6 Liquid dispenser from Amara Living: £26

7 Tumbler from Amara Living: £16

8 Hand wash from Aesop: £27

9 Ombre Vase from Wilko: £8

10 Vase from John Lewis: £9.60

11 Vase from Ikea: £6

12 Orchid from Ikea: £10

13 Laundry basket from Wayfair Ikea: £51.99

14 Wall hung light fitting from Iconic Lights: £30



1 Bathroom wallpaper from Wayfair: £12.99 per roll

2 Wall mirror with shelf from Argos: £35

3 Towel rail from Argos: £15

4 Black shelf from Very: £24.99

5 Grey bathroom unit from Homebase: £23

6 Black laundry bin from John Lewis: £59.20

7 Toilet brush head from Amara Living: £4.80

8 Abstract figure from Desenio: £8.95

9 Snake plant from Patch: £10

10 Hand wash from Aesop: £27


wayfair wallpaper in bathroom

1 Chest of drawers from Marks & Spencer: £159.20

2 Bookshelf from Habitat: £80

3 Marble pedal bin from Dunelm: £10

4 Glass shelf from Amazon home: £19.99

5 Bathroom wallpaper from Wayfair: £31.99 per roll

6 Mirror from Cotswold Co: £49

7 Hand wash from Rituals: £9

8 Velvety rose diffuser from Aldi: £3.49

9 Decorative chihuahua ornament from The Range: £6.39

10 Decorative dog ornament from Tkmaxx: £5.99

11 Vase from Tkmaxx: £9.99

12 Shower from Drench: £49.99

13 Stool with storage unit from Ikea: £9.99

The next edition will be targeting your living room interior design goals on a budget! Let us know what rooms you are decorating on a small budget, colours and styles you’re into and we’ll get to digging for budget friendly home decor ideas.

Don’t forget, we would love to see how you’d style these items. Feel free to send them to us or tag us on Instagram!

Enjoy decorating!


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