Climbing the property ladder

This month I’m sharing with you our interview with James and Demi whereby they share their fantastic story of buying their first property before the age of 21.

Grand Designs self build holiday home in Norfolk Broads

Holidaying at home

Is London getting a little too crowded for you, or do you just need a moment after a terrible week at work, or do you simply want to explore another town in the UK? You should consider adding a holiday home to portfolio. These are money makers in their own right.

Spot it

Buying a property, what should you look out for?

Plush it up

This is a bit of a tricky one and you’ll definitely need some help, but you really should consider buying and converting a derelict property

help to buy

Help to buy?

As promised, here is an attempt to breakdown in simple terms another government housing scheme. If you are actively seeking to climb up the property ladder right now, then I’m sure you’re continuously bombarded with the phrase ‘help to buy’.

modern living room

The ‘shared’ option

Buying a home is extremely tough in this day and age, especially for young people. Personally, I would like to buy my house mortgage free but this isn’t always possible, and it’s good to know your options.