bedroom photomontage

Colour of the year

I swore I wasn’t going to do this but here I am doing the cliche thing. Pantone has concluded that the colour for 2017 is GREEN *2017 is the year to make moneeeeeyyy*.

modern living room

The ‘shared’ option

Buying a home is extremely tough in this day and age, especially for young people. Personally, I would like to buy my house mortgage free but this isn’t always possible, and it’s good to know your options.

metailic plates

Dish out the plates

I have a bizarre obsession with plates, especially pastel coloured ones. One of my favourite things to spot is a colour blocked display of pastel coloured plates.

white shed

Turn your shed into a getaway

The weather may be disheartening but transforming your shed into your own little getaway isn’t. Just visualise it, beautiful views of your garden, tucked away in a nice, cosy room away from your loud family or talkative mother.

chair with storage

Maximise your room

London and ‘box’ rooms, what a joke! If you have one of these, I deeply feel your pain, oh how quickly your room gets cluttered and disorganised.